Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Friends Are Famous III

Augh! You guys are jealous of me cause I know so many famous people, right? Well, here's another one. This is my friend Ben DeLeon. He won "Big Brother of the Year" award in the United States last year and so in honor of Mentoring Month, he and his "little brother" Anthony were invited to Washington DC where Anthony got to introduce none other than the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! And a good president at that! This of course means that I am now only one degree away from President Obama in the Six Degrees of Separation Game!

So if you've got 15 minutes, here's the White House's appeal for mentoring and here's when Anthony introduces the President (around minute five). And my friend Ben is just to the right of the President and he's wearing a red tie. If you've only got a minute or two, here's an article from our local news.

This was actually a pretty big week for our church truthfully. We had Ben in the White House and Drew Brees heading to the Superbowl. Pretty exciting!!! (P.S. Oddly enough, Ben and Drew graduated together from a local high school here. So I guess here's a shout out to Westlake High for some excellent mentoring of their own students!)

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