Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Science and Faith

For those of you who live in Austin, or nearby, FBC is hosting a Science and Faith Conference on this Saturday. You'll hear presentations from a geologist/old testament scholar, physicist/string theorist, and a Bapto-Catholic theologian.

So that should be interesting.

If you want to come, you need to make a reservation with Karen in the church office 512-476-2625. It's $35 bucks to attend, but that includes lunch and snacks. If you're uber poor, we have scholarships.

Remember when Trinity Street Players did Inherit the Wind last spring? That was in preparation for this conference (which was originally scheduled for last year).

Maybe we'll see you there...

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Ann said...

Got a great question about this from someone on FB. If you are interested, you can order a CD (or two) of the presentations at this conference. Just call 512-913-7636 and ask for Karen or Joe. They should be able to help you.