Tuesday, March 15, 2005

in the words of Jim Carrey it has been B-E-A-Utiful this week.

but not today. today it is grey and probably (45% likelihood) will get drizzly or rainy later.

but i have to admit that for the first time in a while, the sun is still shining in my soul, remeniscent of the last few days of beauty.

on saturday, kc, ren (his 1/2 weiner 1/2 chihuahua dog) and i went to the dog park. it was fun. the park is leash free, so ren could walk behind us, in front of us, in the trees, wherever she wanted (that kc and i let her go). brave little ren also learned how to swim after kc threw her into the shallow river. it was a great day - sun, shade, exercise and wet dogs.

yesterday kc woke up with the squirts (welcome to the wide-world-of-ann kc, where everyone who knows my business now knows yours). so he stayed home sick from work which meant we got to hang out. so we went on a little walk with ren around the apartment complex, and drooled at the swank pool area the complex offers (which I will use as soon as it stays 80 long enough to warm up the water). in addition, jer came into town last night to work on erin's new computer, so we all got to go out to eat and not worry about being awake past bedtime.

spring break (even if one is supposed to be spending it with their sister in columbia) is awesome. i had a brief rush of panic last night as i lay in bed and thought about going to work tomorrow. then i remembered: spring break!!! no work tomorrow!!!

so i'm spring breakin' it: writing a sermon to preach at fbc austin during holy week, scrapbooking, checkin' email daily, sleeping in late, playing with the babies, etc. etc. etc.

the sun is in my soul this spring break.

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Daughter said...

Ann? Are you preaching at Mosaic or the actual FBC? If you are, wow, that is a huge gig. Or it seems that way to me, anyway.

Also, I posted a blog on DOS website about our next meeting. thought I should let you know.