Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Scandalous is dead. I can't believe it. He was in my possession a mere 4 days and the fish is dead.

At least I didn't kill this one. But Emily is going to kill me when she reads this.

So I went to Waco Friday to sing backup for Darrell Shepherd at a coffee shop there. I decided to stay the weekend since this past week was so horrible. Nothing like going "home" to get a second wind. So I stayed with the Eades, scrapbooked with Julie, saw Jeremy's new apartment. Cried a little, laughed a little; it was good.

I left the cats in Erin's care and asked KC to check on Scandalous. Sunday, KC found his bowl nearly knocked off the shelf he resides on (the second one down, right above my music books). So KC returned the vase to its place, put the picture frames that had been knocked off back on the shelf and breathed a sigh of relief.

I however, gasped when I came home to the huge vase topled on its side with no fish in sight. "Radley!" I cursed to myself. My carpet was soaking (still is) with some soggy pictures and journals laying in it. I salvaged the pictures and journals, and began soaking up water. I got out my hairdryer. I felt emotionally dead as the thought of buying another fish was overwhelming, so I just sat on the floor, staring into space, blowdrying the rug.

And so it is. Luke is dead. Scandalous is dead. Radley is full.

What next?

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lynnette said...

oh my gosh. that little stinker!