Sunday, June 19, 2005

1900 miles later, I find myself in Austin again.

St. Joe was packed with fun things to do: Alex's wedding, My father's 60th birthday, Amy successfully finishing the boards, working Nancy and Carol's third annual garage sale and preaching at WPBC. Not to mention dominoes with grandma, movies with mom, eating at Mimi's with a fabulously cute waitress named Emily Jane, shopping excursions, eating out all the time and visiting old friends and family.

Thank you St. Jo Mo for another memorable trip.

The only unfortunate part of the vacation was finding a letter in my bedroom announcing that the organization who lent me money in college have finally figured out that I've graduated. Needless to say, they want their money back. Let me just add that to my list of bills. No problem. I'm sure I'll find a high paying job with benefits and I'll be able to pay you back very quickly and efficiently.

Such is life. The beauty and the bills. Oh well, on I go.

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