Monday, June 13, 2005

Need a preacher, teacher, pastor or educator? Here's my resume!

To Whom It May Concern:

In the interest of investigating ministry opportunities throughout the nation, I am submitting my résumé to colleagues, friends and family. Although résumés are effective in communicating facts concerning a person’s history, education and gifts, they offer little in the category of personality. Please allow me a moment to share with you my story.

The oldest of three girls, I grew to be articulate and responsible. Although my younger sisters may have called me “bossy” growing up, this attribute proved as asset later in life as I am able to take charge of situations where leadership is lacking, and assess where action needs to be taken. I was raised in a northern Missouri town affectionately called St. Jo Mo. Most of my family still resides in Missouri, however, the rest of us located in assorted places from Pennsylvania to Hawaii to Minnesota to Texas. Although I am a single adult, my family remains my most treasured relationship. In addition, my community across the U.S. has become my family.

As the daughter of a director, I grew up in the theatre and have a strong appreciation for the arts; I love discovering God’s truth in the artistic creations of all people. As a writer, preacher, teacher and singer, my gifts lie in education and creative communication: this is my passion. From Godspell to Les Misérables, from the David Crowder Band to Sinéad O’Conner, from Veggie Tales to the Simpson’s, my Christian worldview interacts with culture on many levels as I learn about God through a multitude of mediums. Consequently, my goal is to find a ministry position where my education, personality, spiritual gifts, and personal skills complement the vision of an existing church striving to claim truth where we find it in our world today.

From a very young age, my life has been dedicated to ministry both inside and out of church buildings. From board rooms to coffee shops, to theatres and halfway houses, all ground is sacred and its people worthy of redemption. My theology of hope and social justice shapes my life as I strive to play my part in ushering in the Kingdom of God. Can I detail completely what that looks like, or how it is accomplished? No. But through the Bible, church tradition and our personal experiences, I believe we can begin to discern what God’s Kingdom means. When Christians seek to love God and our neighbors as Christ commissioned us in each of the four gospels, we begin to glimpse that Kingdom.

My experience and insight can be strong allies to the ministry of any church. I relate well to people outside the Christian tradition, and seek to move believers into a deeper faith spiritually, emotionally and socially. My enthusiasm for worship and liturgy enables me to inspire praise of God through song, message, images and silence.

Unique experiences and results include:
 Gaining recognition for comprehensive knowledge of the postmodern generations and their viewpoints, and how they impact perspectives on Faith.
 Studying abroad and volunteering in Montpellier, France and Arad, Israel, as well as Mexico, England, Morocco, Turkey, India, Thailand and China.
 Engaging those involved in ministry toward deeper faith and spiritual maturity through sound, relevant teaching and relationship building.

I will work hard to achieve God’s desired results and look forward to discussing how I can contribute to your ministry’s future success. I can be reached at the above e-mail address or phone number. Thank you.

Master of Divinity: Theology
• University Ministerial Scholar: awarded 100% tuition scholarship for academic and ministerial excellence.
• Successfully completed Classes.
o Preaching I & II
o Texts and Communication
o Christian Texts and Traditions I-III (Historical Theology)
o Christian Scriptures I-IV (Old and New Testaments)
o Life and Work of the Pastor
o Clinical Pastoral Orientation (Pastoral Care in Hospitals)
o Christian Ministry (Pastoral Care and Counseling)
o Christian World Mission
o Religion and Worldview (traveled to England, Turkey, Morocco, India, Thailand and China)
o Studies in 20th Century Theology: Evangelical Theology
o Theological Capstone: Faith and the Arts
o Christian Worship
o Greek
o Hebrew
o Spiritual Formations

WILLIAM JEWELL COLLEGE – Liberty, Missouri 2000
Bachelor of Arts: Dual Majors in English and Religion
Magna Cum Laude
• Studied and volunteered in Montpellier, France for a semester with the Partnership for Service Learning.
• Studied Archaeology in Israel for a semester with Missouri Western State College and Baylor University.
• Awarded Outstanding English Major.
• Awarded Outstanding Religion Major.
• Rewarded Paul Lees Sturgis Scholarship.
• Rewarded F. Gano Chance Memorial Scholarship.

Pastoral Intern
• Completed one semester theological education by studying under Rev. Dorisanne Cooper at a local Waco congregation. Lakeshore exists to reach forward thinking adults and families interested in embodying their philosophy of Christianity both spiritually and socially in our complex world.

MOSAIC CHURCH – Austin, Texas 2004 – Present
Lay Preacher and Teacher
• Served as preacher in absence of Pastor Don Vanderslice.
• Created and facilitated small discussion groups on Genesis and Exodus.
• Worked with a church committee to develop a multi-sensory four story worship “labyrinth.”
• Designed and led worship in absence of worship leader Seth Woods.
• Organized volunteer network for church

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH – Austin, Texas 2005
Guest Preacher
• Preached by invitation, Maundy Thursday Holy Week Luncheon Worship Service.

WYATT PARK BAPTIST CHURCH – St. Joseph, Missouri 1996 - 2005
Guest Preacher, Youth Bible Study Teacher/Counselor and Worship Leader
• Preached in absence of Pastor Dr. Jimmy Albright.
• Taught and counseled annually at “Spark,” a youth discipleship weekend. Wrote material for High School students.
• Developed techniques for working with today’s youth under the supervision of an accomplished youth minister: organized and facilitated youth retreats, redesigned youth center, developed youth Bible study materials, wrote and directed youth skits.
• Led worship for youth at events and for adults in Sunday morning worship.
• Sang as guest performer.

UNIVERSITY BAPTIST CHURCH – Waco, Texas 2001 - 2004
Lay Preacher, Deacon, and Teacher
• Served as a Deacon for cutting edge church designed to integrate faith and culture within the post-modern generation of students at Baylor University.
• Developed personal preaching voice by delivering sermons in absence of Pastor Kyle Lake.
• Created and conducted liturgy and sermon for 2004 Maundy Thursday evening service.
• Innovatively taught Sunday school classes studying biblical books: Romans, Colossians and Genesis 1-4.
• Created community group designed to meet the needs of men and women with eating disorders, depression and self-esteem issues.
• Served on Ordination Committee.

CENTRIFUGE – Jefferson City, Tennessee 2000
Counselor and Teacher
• Taught 11th and 12th grade Bible study.
• Taught college preparatory class dealing with the scholarly aspects of faith and practical living skills.
• Directed weekly skits for youth, organized staff skits.
• Assisted in worship design and sang in worship services.
• Led team-building and recreational activities.

WILLIAM JEWELL COLLEGE – Liberty, Missouri 1996 - 2000
Preacher, Teacher and Worship Leader, Chaplain
• Preached at Parent’s Weekend worship service.
• Taught and counseled youth at Windermere Camp for Bible Preaching Week and Youth Development Week.
• Functioned as a worship leader and guest performer.
• Founded worship and bible study organization seeking to engage and enable Greek students in their Christian faith.
• Elected to serve Delta Zeta Sorority as chaplain and philanthropist.

LATHROP CHRISTIAN CHURCH – Lathrop, Missouri 1998
Contemporary Worship Leader
• Prepared and led worship for the contemporary Sunday morning worship service.


Dr. Roger Olson, Rev. Dorisanne Cooper, Rev. Don Vanderslice, Rev. Kyle Lake, Rev. Gerald Small, Dr. Roger Paynter

Come on now, you know you want to hire me . . .


Michelle said...

Ann, you know I would hire you! Even if you do have a va-...oh, you say be nice? Ok. I would hire you even if you have a vase of flowerr balancing on your head. Heck, I would hire especially for that!
Love you!

Howie Luvzus said...

I'll be praying for you. Very few churches in this area would appreciate your gifts unfortunately. I'll check around thogh. Anyone with a link to Landover can't be all bad!


Jake Hall said...


There is nothing quite like searching for a job in the free church tradition. Blessings on your search process.