Monday, February 04, 2008

Daisy Shadows

while filing my taxes from 2006 into my already overstuffed file cabinet, i became frustrated with my tendency to save EVERYTHING and began to clean house. after recycling probably 200 pages of notes from classes in college that i cared nothing about then and even less about now (you know those classes they force you to take, not the beautiful ones like Faulkner and Minority Literature), I ran across a folder full of poems I've written over the years.

keep in mind that i quit writing poetry probably three years ago and even by then, the poems were few and far between. the glory years were in college when an off and on three year relationship with a guy provided excellent material for sad bastard poems.

so, at the risk of being ridiculous and nostalgic, here's a poem from 2001 (post-college)...

When all noise has gone to sleep
Save the ringing in my ears
Daisy shadows on the wall
And the candle that cannot tell all
Attract attention from the bed.

I remember last night when I
Asked if you wanted me to leave,
To go, and
You answered no,
And momentarily something
Shivered inside with your
Acceptance of me
And I realized I was pleased, that I
Wanted to stay and that you had
Said more than just no,
You didn't want me to go.

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David McCullars said...

I'm going to assume you didn't throw away anything from you math classes, right? Because you wouldn't include that in your list of classes you were forced to take.