Sunday, February 24, 2008

Good Quotes

Some quotes I've appreciated overhearing this past week...

Presidential Hopeful Hilary Clinton: "I'm returning health care into the hands of the people. I'm giving it to you!"
Voter Scott: "I don't want that responsibility."

A bored republican at a Texas Obama/Clinton debate party initiated this conversation:
Adam: "Look at your wedding pics!"
Amy: "Yeah..."
Adam: "Is this girl reading from the book of 1 Corinthians or Phonecians?"
Amy: "Huh?"
Ann: "Phonecians?!"
Adam: Philistines?
Ann: "You mean Philippians?"
Adam: "Whatever. One of those classic love passages they always read at weddings."

What the...?

Cam: "You know that movie that made everyone cry?"
Frank: "Terms of Endearment?"
Cam: "Yeah."

After reading the grumbling wilderness narratives in Exodus a student said under his breath:

"God should have chosen the Egyptians."

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texasinafrica said...

That Cam/Frank conversation is classic!