Saturday, February 09, 2008

This is the world we live in. For everything beautiful to arise, something else must die. Why is it this way? I kill the weeds so the cacti will grow and look beautiful in my front yard garden. I kill so more life will be recogized, will flourish and be more fully beautiful...

My day off was great. Gardening, shopping, cleaning, hanging out, dinner... a phone call. and then it became another unpredictable day. i say another, because such days come frequently enough to be "another" but are so unexpected that they deserve the label of unpredictable. Another, Unpredictable, Day.

And so I pray for healing, fidelity, honesty, humility, courage, discernment and all the other assets one would want when experiencing what I witnessed tonight. and hopefully something will die, and something more beautiful will be reborn.

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Roger said...

"Heavy lay the hands on the ordinand's head"--Wendell Berry