Friday, August 05, 2005

Another "jorb" update (i'll love you forever if you get the reference!). There are a couple of churches in Austin who are interested in hiring me. No word from Florida, no word from Grand Rapids.

I'm inclined to think that I will be making some big decisions within the next month. So please pray, light a candle or send a pleasant thought to something somewhere with regard to my life. I need discernment with regard to gifts, dreams, and finances.

And thank you for your kind words and prayers already offered over the past year.


Alicia said...

Hey there... I've been folowing your life through your blog for awhile now.
Is the "jorb" reference to Coach Z from Strongbad?

Let me know please.

Ann said...

of course!!

Steph said...

i hope you get a great jorb, ann. :)

"coach Z, how come you don't dance no mo?"

Michelle said...

I got the reference! I got the reference! Do you love me? Do you? Do you? already do, I guess. Darn, what do I win now?


poshdeluxe said...

it's DOT COM!!!!

robbins said...