Monday, August 01, 2005

I'm in Austin as scheduled. I sit cosily on Sabrina's couch in her house that she hopes to sell. I sit in what seems like silence save the dripping of water in the fishtank which I find very soothing. I do hear sound outside now that I'm conscious of it - Sabrina moving the lawn, the cars on the highway. Is this what it sounded like in the womb?

I think of old friends, of returning to waco to the Eades, to Jessy and Paul, to the porches that pulled us through so many seasons. I think of new friends, of Mosaic, of rebirth, of life, of potential. I think of friends missing: the Wee One, Phil, Bwack, Moxi . . . even David and Brooke and Swell. How can so many years of living make me only 27?

My bed is officially in Sabrina's spare bedroom. It has clean sheets and blankets. I will sleep here tonight. My life's collection is relocated to the Eades' garage and in Olivia's bedroom. The babies are in Waco, re-adjusting to life with Diablo, Lily and now Barley.

No word on the job front so I help friends manage their lives: sweeping drywall, cleaning porches, making beds.

And I guess life is beautiful - messy, unpredictable and often irritating, but peaceful sometimes too.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for helping me sweep drywall! We lurve you!