Thursday, August 04, 2005

Well, I've done it. Back at the Eades and already life is turning and flip-flopping and i'm leaving kids sitting outside their school for an hour and a half.

Not entirely my fault.

Holly woke me up yesterday morning asking me to take Ben to trumpet camp at 10am. "You need to have him there five minutes early, okay?" Okay. So I set my alarm and went back to sleep.

Ben actually made it to school 9 minutes early, but didn't complain.

So 12:30 rolls around and I wonder when Ben will be returning and how. I have no idea where Holly is today (work, running, the Y . . .) or Abby for that matter (who now has a car). So I call Wes at work wondering if he knows if Ben went home with a friend or when I should expect him or any of the family home.

"You were supposed to pick him up at 11, Ann!"

oops. honestly, i don't remember holly telling me that.

So i rush off to pick up ben, and he greets me with a knowing smile. i apologize profusely, blame his father, and promise him anything he wants for lunch. sonic. and of course i had to get olivia lunch too so she wouldn't be jealous.

so i'm pleased to report that i am back in the swing of things here in wacky waco. $12 in the bank account and $7 of it went to sonic to fix my mistakes. lord. stay posted, more to come i'm sure . . .


Anonymous said...

Ann Pittman, I find you adorable.

hang in there.

Lance said...

LOL... Good to see things are falling back into place.