Monday, August 29, 2005

I am no longer homeless. whew! That was a trial.

In case you missed it, three weeks ago i moved to waco. two days later i got a call from fbc austin asking for an interview. two weeks later i started my job. and then i began living out of my car.

my bed, dress clothes and chair were located at sabrina's... my normal clothes, desk, mary kay products and nintendo were in olivia's and my bedroom in the eades house... my computer, backpack, toothbrush and empty crab fish tank were in my car... all the rest of my shiz-ite was stuffed back into the eades garage as it was a year ago. to everything a season and to some things two.

so after anxiously working in the mornings at fbc and then househunting in the afternoons, i finally settled at at house on the eastside (please insert proper vocal inflection and make the 23 symbol with your fingers). i'm living with three other girls, one of whom i know from mosaic (yeah jess!) and one of whom's parents own the house.

so rent is reasonable as was the deposit (unlike EVERYTHING else in austin). I do not have to pay over $700 for a house with an equal deposit and 300 dollar pet fee. again, whew!

obviously, i will not put my address or new home phone number on my blog, so friends, know that i will be emailing it out to you soon enough.

peace out from the eastside...

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