Tuesday, May 29, 2007

From pirates to preaching, I need help.

Today: my first non-Sunday (Sunday is fun) full work day since I left last week for the Festival of Homiletics and all I did was go to a meeting and answer emails. In addition, I discoverd that my favorite restaurant in Austin no longer serves my favorite meal. Lame. So, needless to say, i wish I was back in Nashville listening to great preachers instead of planning what I will preach, and hanging out with friends watching ridonculous television instead of hanging out with my computer.

Miss you! I even miss Sam asking me, "How was the festival today?" as if I were eating turkey legs, dancing barefoot in a big bosomed dress and swinging on a viking boat.

Good news to juxtapose sitting in front of a computer for hours and losing my favorite tuna sandwich (wheat bread toasted with no onions) at Opal Divine's is that I returned to three friends in town only one of whom I knew would be there. So I traded old friends for other old friends and that's always a nice transition back to routine because it keeps things mixed up for a while.

(Dang, these pics are a little outdated. Jos, that pic is from 04. We need a new one!!)

More good news came when i discovered that the friends I promised to hang out with tonight wanted to see Pirates III. YES! If you haven't seen the movie yet, stop reading now. Although all i will say is, I'm a little confused. Do they only get one visit every 10 years? Or after 10 years does he get to come home for good? Is he dead or alive? I need clarification and I needed a kleenex through the last 10 minutes. Oh wait, I mean for the 10 minutes before the 10 minutes of credit and then the last scene that ended the movie. For the former 10 minutes I could have used a tissue cause the tears just flowed down my cheeks and onto my shirt.

I have also officially dumped Toby for Orlando. Unfortunatley, Johnny's out of my league. Sigh* Although, I haven't see Spider Man III yet and that may swing my heart's jury back toward Toby. it's a hard call.

And so I'm left with the question "How can I put so much creativity into my mind and heart last week and this and still lack the inspiration to write my sermon?" Not to mention that I had to borrow a friend's car this weekend that has FM satellite and I listened to dialogue and songs from musicals old and new every time I was in the car...

I have stimulated the brain and nothing's coming out.


Or as Captain Barbossa would say, Arrrgh...


Sam Davidson said...

There were turkey legs? What about funnel cakes?

Cinda said...

Orlando is MY movie start boyfriend so you get your own! (:

Maybe you should preach about pirates.

Ann said...

I'll fight you for him!

Cinda said...

IT'S ON!!!