Thursday, May 17, 2007

Columbian Review

A week ago I was in Columbia. I had just spent the previous evening in the ER with BB, Geit and Amy. Fun times.

Tonight (a week ago), Amy and I went to her white coat burning ceremony. It was amazing. All the med students took their SHORT white coats signifiying "I'm still a student" to Paul's house and into the jumbo bonfire they went. Up in flames and fast. It was fun.

And then with Geitler in tow, we headed back into town to meet some old friends from college at a bar. We got stood up. Can you imagine us being stood up? Me neither. It was a first. And hopefully a last. I paid $5 to get into some sorority-girl-ridden-college-bar packed in with a bunch of MU wrestlers with puffy ears with no one over the age of 22, and our friends had "just left." No phone call, nothing. Losers. Biggest Losers.

Favorite quote of the evening? "If one more person hits my Gucci bag, I'm gonna scream." That was right before a waitress managed to step on both of my and Amy's feet as she passed us by with someone else's drink order.

Tomorrow (a week ago), Amy and I went shopping. I started off my birthday week with a pair of cutie pa-tutie high heeled shoes, a gift to myself. Amy bought mom's mother's day gift and I tried to get a nice gift for Amy, but with her there, it made it difficult for me to shop.

Back at the Acuff's we celebrated Mother's Day with mom and grandma. We sort of did my birthday quickly too. I got a toaster oven from grandma. However, I left it in the back of my dad's car and will have to get it when I return home in June :(

Silas (my cousin) had been saving up his money to buy a wii and man am I glad he did. Can I add that to my birthday wish list. i want a wii. Too cool. Mom, Amy, Emily, Susan, Silas and I all took turns playing tennis and boxing with each other. Imagine grown adults swinging their fists in the air, eyes glued to the tube, attacking a cartoon character of one of their other family members in an attept to knock them out. Hysterical.

That night, Amy went out, but Emily and I were exhausted (too much air boxing), so I took the opportunity to get caught up on Grey's. I'd watched one the day before and by the end of the evening had knocked off 5 episodes total including the 2 hour one. I'm officially caught up and officially traumatized. Blog for another time.

Saturday (one week ago): Graduation Day!! With a lunch at Milly's, Amy opened gifts including the goofy ones I bought for her office, forgetting that she wouldn't have an office for another 5 years. Oops.

After another game or two of Wii, we headed to graduation. Who was there, you ask? Anyone who's anyone...

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Wish I was there.