Thursday, May 24, 2007

29 And No Longer Counting!

My birthday week, or weeks (week before and week after!), went well. Only 349 days until I'm 30, but surely no one's counting, right?

I tried to make it festive, to celebrate myself by buying really cool shoes, dining with friends and family, and of course a party.

The last party I threw was for a friend who was 5 years cancer-free, and to make things more exciting, I had a bonfire.

So for this party I had to up the anty just a little. Nothing does that better than FURNITURE to sit on AROUND the bonfire. Mmm hmm.

And since I had a freezer full of peeps after I was pranked, pink yellow and purple marshmellows were provided as an alternative to smores and proved even more entertaining when thrown in the fire where "look mom, the bunnies are all dying," became the quote of the night. I could have done without that.

But there were also the typical party elements as well... cupcakes.

and beer...

and snacks...

and johnson stealing my camera...

and of course friends... the very best part

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Michelle said...

Ohhh, I like-ah the pictures.