Thursday, May 03, 2007

Observations from today... (in no particular order)

My favorite thing about Texas is wildflowers. It may be brown all summer long, but man this state has the most colorful, beautiful wildflowers. My favorites are the red/yellow ones. Those are georgous. Good job lady bird. They may have thought you were crazy then, but I'm sure thankful now.

Neither my dog nor I enjoy going to the doctor. Janie slobs slobber everywhere after she gets her anti-heartworm shot. Why does it make her mouth do that? And she whimpers cause her butt hurts where the needle went. I don't enjoy going to the doctor cause I always let my imagination get the best of me. While waiting for the doctor today, I almost starting crying envisioning me having my tonsils removed and Jane Nethercut there to take care of me after surgery. I always cry after "being under." It's the worst cause I can't choose not to cry. That anesthesia is crazy. Kind of like my dog's shot. It makes you do things you don't want to: like cry or slobber. Then I started imagining what disease I might have since I've un-trying-ly-ed lost 2 pounds since last month. What is 2lbs of unwilling weightloss indicative of, I wonder? Hmm.

The doctor is treating me for strep throat.

I have to sing a jazzy, pop song with excellent theology sunday in worship. i hope i don't lose my voice. that would suck worse than having surgery. hmm.

There is a tree that I cut down in my backyard with thorns. It was a good idea to cut it down, but a bad idea to pick it up with my hands. What in the hell did you put in that thorn God? Poison? Ouch!

My cactus that I chopped down off the side of the road somewhere east of Austin is now sprouting a little round cactus arm. Hurray! And the mini cactii cactus I cut off in marfa is growing tons of more mini mini cactii sprouts! Totally cool.

15 days til my birthday.

Welcome to my brain, world. It's pretty much just centered around me. Or at least me and nature. Or at least on days that I am sick and therefore more in tune with living things.

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