Monday, May 07, 2007

Update on my life (tune out now those of you looking for a funny story or short devotional).

Wednesday I fly to St. Louis for Amy's graduation from the University of Missouri in Columbia's Medical School. Holy cow. Amazing. So proud. She's then moving to Chicago to do her residency at her number one choice school, Loyola. We are so grateful and so relieved. Good things come to those who wait... or to those who work their ass off. One of the two. I actually remember going to the same graduation for my Uncle Mike when I was a little girl. I remember waiting, bored in my cute dress wondering when we were going to get to go inside and sit down. I remember brown. Brown hallways, brown wood walls, brown seats. I remember looking at the list of names in the program and zoning out. I remember grandma or mom poking me, saying he was next. I remember pulling my legs up underneith me and craning to see a man that looked like my Uncle Mike get a white coat. I think he later showed me his stethoscope. That was a long time ago. And twenty-some years later, we're going back to the brown room to see my little sister.

Sunday I fly home and drive to Waco for my longtime friend, Julie Merritt's ordination ceremony. Another woo hoo and another ordained and fabulous baptist woman. All I'm saying is that I can't think of a bad female baptist minister. Shall I list them off? Dorisanne Cooper, LeAnn Gunter, Amelia Howard, Rachel Luck, Leigh Jackson, LeAnn Gardner, Valerie Burton, Julie Pennington-Russell (although I don't know her personnaly - only the effects of her work), Jackie Saxon, Patti English, etc. etc. etc. And Julie will be another nitch of the "we did it and we did it damn well" side!

All that busy-ness means I have to get all my work done here before I can fly out Wednesday evening. Last week I got strep throat and couldn't attend Beresheth, the alternative worship service i facilitate. That was probably good preparation for this week when I can't even supervise the day of. I've got to get the worship service ready by Wednesday morning and then give it over to my volunteers and to God. Course, if my volunteers fall through, there's not much God can do, unless She's taken to audibly singing and preaching, and has grown fingers to run the computers.

Just a little "heresy" in case the ordination of woman failed to do the trick. It's crazy to me that what is so normal in the real world is considered "liberal" in the religious (or at least the mainstream baptist world). But that's a blog for another time.

Also before I leave, I need to get a doggy-door put in. Janie, although cute with her head poking through the kitty door signaling that she wants back in, needs her own door to get in and out of the house.

She has taken to peeing in the back room and it's about to drive me batty. Hopefully my friend and I can get it done before I leave, otherwise the back room is in big trouble and so is Janie. Between her and Zorba who frequently pees on the bathtub for god-only-knows-why, I am seriously maxed out on the urine factor. Too much information, but it's on my mind and a definate part of my week.

Okay, so that's the scoop. I'm having the college students (or college-aged kids) over to my house tomorrow night to say good by to the seniors and give them gifts and eat and probably play ghetto tabboo. You love it. Don't deny it. That'll be fun. And then I'll seriously need to pack my bag. And find someone to drive me to the airport. And someone to pick me up. And...and...and...

And that pretty much sums up my week...


Anonymous said...

I loved today's blog... especially the creative spelling choices. When I read your blogs I smile, chuckle, say "ahhhhh" and realize how much I miss you. Speaking of sibling pride...Emily Pittman got a 3.5 this semester.
See you Friday.
Love you more,

Michelle said...

Janie won't pee anywhere that is apart of your living situation. Translation: when you get home, she needs to see you hanging out in that room. Invite her in there with you. Once she knows its apart of the living area, most likely she won't pee in there.