Monday, November 24, 2008

All I Want For Christmas

- Ally McBeal: The Complete DVD Collection [Region 2 Import] (yes, thanks to Santa 2007 I have a Region Two DVD Player) $122.57

- The Tree Line Water Bottle $20 COOL PEOPLE CARE

- Wind of Peace Tee-shirt size small $26.95 THE RAINFOREST SITE

- Meow Tee-Shirt size small salmon color (or green) $14.95 THE ANIMAL RESCUE SITE

- The Tree Line Tee-shirt size small women's fern green $20 COOL PEOPLE CARE

- William Jewell College Red Shirt V Notch Hoodie in vintage red (or white but i don't want gray or black) $39.98 LOCAL

- Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere Speakers $129.95 with free shipping or Sony - CD-R/RW Boombox with Built-In Apple® iPod® Dock $109.99

- Oneida Open Skillet 8" (my old one was in a cooking accident) $24.99

- Laptop Case light blue (or dark blue) $65 TRADE AS ONE

- Book Boosters Bookends red $24.95 WORLD OF GOOD

- Organic Long Drawstring Skirt size small in Expresso (or avacado or denim) $32 THE ANIMAL RESCUE SITE

- Freedom Tree Shopping Tote color: olive $12 THE LITERACY SITE

- Organic Embroidered Jody Tee size small $22.95 THE RAIN FOREST SITE

- Medium Tote Bag light green $29 TRADE AS ONE

And in case you want to help decorate my christmas tree...

- Artisan Glass Peace Crane $9.95 THE RAINFOREST SITE

- Olivewood Camel Ornaments $9.95 THE RAINFOREST SITE

- Dangle Cat Ornament $12.95 THE ANIMAL RESCUE SITE

Gift Certificates always work too...

- My favorite nursery, Big Red Sun LOCAL

- My favorite nursery that is farther away, The Natural Gardener LOCAL

- Home Depot

- Victoria's Secret

Note: Most of these items are Fair Trade and/or Local items... when you buy them you will be either supporting fair trade and paying directly to third world countries for their goods or money will be donated to save the rainforests, animals or literacy programs. There are a couple of exceptions. ...


Anonymous said...

Not asking for any pets this year? I'm shocked! Andee

Ann said...

aw andee, all i really want for christmas is you!

Anonymous said...

well I didn't get you anything on that list.