Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yes We Can!

Wow. What a night.

My boss cried in staff meeting.
My father called because he "wanted to share the joy."
Three friends text messaged, "woohoo!" "unbelievable," and "hell yeah."
Innumerable members of my facebook network cyber-communicated their unbridled excitement.
And my CBF colleague in Abilene said, "We just elected a black, muslim, arab, socialist, husein-name-havin' president. Totally ruined my monster truck rally."

He was joking.

What a night. What a day.

I woke up early. I never do this. And never of my own accord. But I was excited. So at 7:45 I pulled on my workout clothes, grabbed my iPod, phone and ID and of course my dog Janie, and we walked/ran to my precinct.

"You know this is Precinct 129?" the woman said when I walked in the door.
"Is this where you're supposed to vote?"
"Okay then." And she let me pass.

Thank God. If I'd have been turned away from my polling place because I was a little white girl, I would have been very put out considering I intended to vote for a black man.

Volma Overton is dancing in his grave. And America is dancing in the streets.

After pushing Cast Ballot, I felt satisfied I had made history. Of course Janie sat right beside me (overweight and tired from the short walk over) the whole time as I scrolled through every office and made my selection. As we walked out of the school someone said, "Well did you two vote today?" I nodded and smiled. "Yes, we did."

I thought McCain's speech was gracious and I thought Obama's speech was inspiring. If McCain had behaved with that much respect and responsibility over the past six months, I would have had much more sympathy towards his campaign.

What a day. No matter who you voted for, surely all of America is wise and honorable enough to know the significance of this day. We elected a Minority to be President of the United States of America. We elected a good, fair man to be President of the United States. We allowed our voices to be heard and finally decided we will not to be silenced again.