Monday, November 03, 2008

This Is What Protesting Will Do For You (and US).

Congratulations Citizens! Because you responded to this atrocity that i blogged about in october, the following occurred...

-- The New York Times made a strong critique of McCain's racist tactics in their endorsement of Senator Obama;

-- Several GOP senators came out against the RNC robo-calls;

-- Paid callers in Wisconsin and West Virginia quit their jobs--refusing to read the Obama terrorism script;

-- John Kerry's PAC took a similar action--asking their supporters to call on members of Congress to denounce the robo-calls.

See, even though the white house has told us the past 8 years that if we protest or rally together to speak to our elected officials we will be ignored because the president will do whatever he wants anyway, the times are changing, slowly but surely.

Good job America! We can do this! Fair policies! Truthful reporting! Living within our means! Politics of integrity! Ethical decision-making! Slowly but surely...

And don't forget to vote tomorrow (whomever you're voting for) if you haven't already!

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