Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Has to Stop

At the beginning of this campaign (what feels like YEARS ago), everyone kept saying McCain was a great guy, and I almost believed them. However, the McCain/Palin ticket is ridiculous in their smears, negativity and flat our LIES. And there is no way in hell I would vote for him now. What ever happened to integrity as a quality we look for in a president?

Let us say this again. Obama is NOT a muslim, a terrorist, a traitor, or any of the other things uninformed Americans (who won't get set straight by their party leaders i.e. John or Sarah, indeed are being fed by their party leaders) are saying about Senator Obama.

This is ugly. McCain, you need to stop this.


the librarian said...

I'm with you, Reverend. This makes me physically ill. McCain did take some steps last week to reign people in and address their comments, but it's definitely not enough.

There was a time when I said that I wouldn't worry as much if McCain was the Republican nominee. I officially eat my words.

Straight Talk on McCain said...

When you have people at your rally yelling “Kill Him,” you have some problems with your supporters. When you throw around the word terrorist so easily, when failing to acknowledge your own ties to unsavory characters, you have some problems. But this is all McCain has, he has to go with it. I like the guy yelling “Commie Faggot.” Who thought that would ever come back in vogue?

Ann said...

Congrats America! Because you spoke out against this campaign of LIES, the following occurred!

The New York Times made a strong critique of McCain's racist tactics in their endorsement of Senator Obama;

Several GOP senators came out against the RNC robo-calls;

Paid callers in Wisconsin and West Virginia quit their jobs--refusing to read the Obama terrorism script;

John Kerry's PAC took a similar action--asking their supporters to call on members of Congress to denounce the robo-calls.