Friday, October 17, 2008

Sum Sum Summertime!

What a beautiful summer day!

Except it's not summer.

But it should be.

80 degrees and sunny outside. I planted another cacti in the garden this afternoon while the neighborhood kids played football down the street and the Jehovah's Witnesses went door to door trying to convert people (haven't they reached 144,000 yet?!). My dog is lazily laying in the shade of a tree. I'm sipping on a cold Ace Pear and relaxing. The windows of my house are open (the ones that open), and the bees are flying in and out of the screen-less squares. If I just had a pool to go take a quick swim in, I'd be in heaven.

October in Texas. Summer's finest!

1 comment:

texasinafrica said...

80 degrees is WAY too cold for summer!