Thursday, October 16, 2008

True Story

Man In Department Store Hits Mother of Two Wearing Obama Button.

This is an email I received today from my friend E about an experience she and her young son, Ben had. They live in Missouri, a swing state... pun intended.

"Ann, after signing the petition you emailed out yesterday Ben and I went to Cabela's to hang out for the day. I was wearing my YES WE CAN button. At guest services on the way out Ben and I stopped to pick up a catalog. While at Cabela's I broke down and bought a soda for the both of us to share...root beer. Ben's first! Anyway, Ben asks me if he can have a drink and I said yes. Not a nanosecond later this elderly man HITS me and starts yelling 'No! NO he can't!' I am already feeling guilty about giving my kid soda, but really? I need to be HIT for it? So the man continues yelling at me and I now can tell he's pointing to my button. He SHOUTS that I am a communist and that if I vote for Obama I would be giving my money to the poor and the only way I would ever consider voting for him is if I was on welfare. Then he leans in close and asks 'are you on welfare?' Seriously????? He told me if I did my reading I would throw away my button! I calmly told him there was no way I would do that."


Alexis said...

oh my gosh! that is awful!!! i hope her kid is ok after seeing that happen!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for putting me on the blog! I went to see Obama last night at the WWI Memorial here in KC. It was AMAZING!!!! Truly, it will be one of the highlights of my life. I can't begin to put in words the atmosphere that was there! I have been proud to say I will vote for Obama from the beginning, but after last night I will PROUDLY be called a communist any day of the week. I pity the man who attacked me. As my friend, Nathalie, said, "You have no idea what has happened in that man's life to have such hatred. He is to be pitied." I agree. My dad told me to be a Mountain just like Obama!

Here's the funny part about your I was reading the "headline" you put on it my first thought was "Goodness, I can't believe that happened to someone else, too! How awful!" I am glad to find out it was just me! :) Love you, E!