Monday, October 06, 2008

Something's on my hand...

OMG. I have an age spot.

On my hand.

I noticed it tonight.

I thought perhaps I had gotten something on my hand. Or maybe it's a cluster of freckles? No, I definitely got something on my hand.

So i washed my hands.

To my dismay, not only did it not come off, but it became all the more clear what it actually was. Is.

An age spot.

Oh My God.

I am OLD.

Next time I get carded, I'm going to throw out my fist and say, "There! Do you see that? Do you know what that is? It's an age spot. So thank you for carding me, but you needn't bother."

"I have an age spot."


Alysa said...

it's prolly a mole or a large freckle. More than likely it's a large freckle as you have SO many of those anyway....

age spots don't come around till you about 31


Anonymous said...

I agree -- it's a large freckle -- that's what mine are! Mom

Ann said...

okay mom, now that's just not true... love you!