Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Big Ones

My sister called last night with this question, "What does the Bible say about homosexuality?"
"Not much," was my answer, "Why?"

Of course, she'd been having a discussion with several doctors about the issue of homosexuality and Christianity. (Yes, this is what your surgeons do as they're rearranging the organs inside your body).

I gave her some of my initial thoughts and then offered to send her a transcript of a lecture Roger gave once on the issue.

Then I got to thinking... didn't I post a blog about this once?... Sure enough. Four years ago, just before the last election, I posted this in response to an email I had received from a man encouraging me to vote for Bush. Now while my blog was in response to allegations in the arrogant email I had received, my thoughts still ring true for me for the most part. Here's a couple of additional thoughts and amendments to my four year old blog.

• Single issue voting is dangerous and if you're going to do it, make sure your lifestyle backs up that one issue you're willing to go to the polls over.

• George W. Bush doesn't actually go to church. That was bad reporting on my part. Neither did his idol, Reagan. And they're the only two presidents in the HISTORY of American presidents who haven't.

• Homosexuality is not only mentioned a whopping 6 times in the Bible, but if you're going to hand-pick what verses you want to cling to as truth (for example Lev. 18:22) then our conversation is over. It is impossible to talk to someone who wants to reject an entire book of the Bible (I'm assuming the person who quotes Lev. 18:22 ignores Lev. 15:16-18, 16:29, 18:19, 19:19, 19:27, 20:9, 20:10, 25:10, all of chapter 11 and unfortunately 19:13-18) but keeps one verse of it as the one that trumps over 31,000 other verses in the Bible. In addition, if you're going to cite Sodom and Gomorrah, you've got some hard ethical work to do because the story seems to be about hospitality and it's solution to inhospitable neighbors is sketchy at best and wrong at face value. I.E. the host protects the visitor by offering his virgin daughters to the lustful, violent citizens. However, if you're willing to move away from hand-picking one of six verses and really talk about what's going on in the stories, then I and others would willingly dialogue with you. That suggests a healthy pursuit of living out one's Christianity in community and conversation.

Okay I'm too tired to write any more. Amy, I hope this helps.

Be informed. Vote discerningly.


Katie said...

Great job Ann. You are such an eloquent writer. I love reading your blog, especially about politics and faith! And the pictures with the pumpkins are pretty great too! haha


Patrick said...

Before a college Bible study where the topic was "homosexuality," I asked how many of them had a relative, friend, or loved one who was gay.

Everyone raised their hand.

I have found Richard Hays' work on the Biblical perspective helpful. Here's part of it - (please by-pass the unfortunately inflammatory title):

jenA said...

"George W. Bush doesn't actually go to church. That was bad reporting on my part. Neither did his idol, Reagan. And they're the only two presidents in the HISTORY of American presidents who haven't."

Interesting. He may not have gone in D.C., but I have it on reliable authority that he did attend in Crawford. Loves.

Anonymous said...

jena - Bush didn't live in Crawford - he bought the ranch after he was president. He might go there when he's in town, though - would that count as his "home church?" He was big into the Community Bible Study back in his days in Midland, but I don't know about church attendance/membership.

Anonymous said...

the funny thin is, when I was arguing about this issue, I actually was in surgery, with my hands in some dude's open neck...


Ann said...

that is disgusting.