Thursday, January 26, 2012

Four Square

Four Square, written and directed by Manual Zarate will open tomorrow as a part of Austin's theater festival: Frontera Fest. I attended a couple of Frontera fringes (short plays) last year never dreaming that this year I'd be performing in a fringe myself.

Alongside actors *Ben Wolfe and *Douglas Taylor, I play Beverly, a girl with a limp and a bit of a slur who's in her mid-thirties, and standing at a bench-less bus stop.

"But that's all you get."

The long fringe (just over an hour) is comedic at times and tragic at others as the audience watches three people wrestle (literally?) with stories of love and loss in their past.

Truth be told, "we're all a little unfinished," which is why most viewers can relate to at least a small bit of this dark piece that seeks an answer to "why people love someone one day and then the next they don't."

We do the best we can when darkness falls. We learn the stories behind the stars; catch some music at a club. We walk by the lake, crack a joke, take a trip, take off our shoes... whatever. We let go.

And in letting go we sometimes find that we can see the sunrise in the morning.

Four Square is playing...
Friday Jan 27 at 7pm,
Sunday Jan 29 at 4:15pm,
Wednesday Feb 1 at 7pm and
Saturday Feb 4 at 9:15pm.

Tickets are $10 and may be purchased through Hyde Park Theatre. Long Fringe performances are at the Blue Theatre in East Austin. All ticket proceeds from Four Square go to The Creative Fund which exists to fund new and innovative performing arts programs at any venue in Austin.

And, in case none of the aforementioned interested you, this team will be travelling to SCOTLAND to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August of 2012. Yes, I am dying a little bit... scratch that... a lot a bit... inside.

*denotes member of Actors Equity Association

Friday, January 06, 2012


One of my friends sent me this stating, "I found a lost archive of Ann as a child." It's not me, but it could have been. I remember asking for legos as a gift and giving Santa the disclaimer, I know they are for boys, but I really want some. Sure enough. There they were under the tree Christmas morning! I also remember going to one of my parents adult parties where a bunch of kids who barely know each other get thrown in a room with the host kids' toys. I found the boy's G.I. Joe castle-bunker thing, so I added my She-Ra right into the mix and couldn't have been happier!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Twelve for 12

Twelve Great Songs to Start Off 2012...
  • Not As We by Alanis Morisette
  • The New Year by Death Cab for Cutie (or as my mom once called them, the Dead Taxis)
  • That Year by Brandi Carlile
  • Passing Afternoon by Iron and Wine
  • Our New Year by Tori Amos (or Pretty Good Year!... so hard to decide.)
  • Did I Ever Become by The Krusty Brothers (Waterdeep)
  • In the New Year by The Walkman
  • It's the End of the World As We Know It by REM (duh, hello 2012!)
  • Bitter End by The Dixie Chicks
  • Waiting Out the New Year by The Whiskey Priest (instrumental)
  • The Cave by Mumford and Sons
  • My Dear Acquaintance (Happy New Year) by Regina Spektor
And here's a freebee to the first song on my imaginary album... you'll have to find the rest yourself (although Regina's & Death Cab's videos have made it on my blog in New Years Past).