Wednesday, December 21, 2005

36 years is a long time.

Longer than I've been alive.

That's only 27 years.

But my parents have been married 36 years as of yesterday. That means 35 Easters, 35 Christmases, 70 birthdays, 3 children, four grand-cats, 1 grand-dog and yes, 36 years of sharing life with another person.

Congratulations mom and dad. Here's to 36 more.

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jenA said...

that's pretty exciting, 36 years!
i don't consider you so girlie, in the traditional sense, either. i don't believe i put my friends in categories per se, but i do like that my girlfriends (especially) have such great distinctive character that I can see why and how they pair or group off so well (not that we don't all mesh well, occasionally. that's what made UBC so fun!)