Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I come home to a computer. Not to a person. Not even really to the cats. They've started ignoring me unless I'm feeding them or lying down with a blanket they'd love to sink their paws into.

Granted usually every night someone is at my house. Last night it was Frank. Tonight KC. Tomorrow night Grant and Amy. My house is a safe place for friends, and I think many of them consider 5406 a second home in a lot of ways. My neighbors may think I run a brothal though what with the people who frequently crash on my comfy couches.

But not every day. And tonight KC just came over to prove he could upload my ipod songs to my itunes. He was right of course, but after proving himself, he scurried off to the Side Bar to watch Project Runway and maybe meet a girl who doesn't think he's gay.

But I'm not the only one.

With an empty house I mean.

One of my friends doesn't feel at home at his house even though he has four roommates. I pray for him.
My sister comes home only to a dog and a cell phone, so I pray for her too.

And others have more family than they'd care to admit.

I remember one friend in high school who lied to one of our teachers about her brother. She said she didn't have one. Oh really, the teacher said, knowing she did. Nope. No brother, my friend responded.

I lied once and said my parents had been married before and that in reality I had an older brother by one of my parents first marriages. But I was in grade school. And I was adding to my family, not subtracting.

Still, it was a lie.

And 20 years later I lie on the couch and reflect on family and life and my empty home.

Someday when I stop buying computers and ceiling fans, I'll begin classes for foster parenting. Then I'll share my love and care for a child who desparately needs to learn about family.

Because I've got a lot of love to give the world. And it's just not being fully utilized.

Or at least, that's how I feel when I come home to an empty house with a computer, two cats and a couch.

I need a roommate.

Or I need to join a commune.

Or I need to go visit my family in Missouri. I miss them.


Jessizle said...

I miss you! Next time you are on the east coast shoot me an e mail and we will hang out. DC is only 45 minutes away and I would LOVE to see you!

Anonymous said...

...we miss you too. Christmas is just around the corner. No need to worry, this year's tree will be beautiful. it's my turn to pick it out.


cat said...

I miss you too...if you ever come up to the mountians you need to come seeeme...or come skiing this winter!!!!

Natalie said...

I loved your "brothel" comment. My "new" neighbors (Cimatos) moved in last November & of course my outgoing self insisted that we be friends. Well, during my Mix and Match party last April Steve Mines suggested everyone tell the story of how they first met me. Well, when Cimatos spoke, Catherine said she thought I was a lesbian pimp because I had so many women coming and going from my house. That comment still embarrasses me. I wonder why.