Monday, October 30, 2006

Has everyone prepared their Halloween costume? I have hung my orange and purple spooky Halloween lights, bought a cute but scary door hanging, and little cans with cats and pumpkins on them to put candles in and set along my sidewalk leading up to my door. I cannot wait to give out candy to kids. In Waco, poorer people would drive to the "rich" neighborhoods and get candy: kids, teenagers, adults even, all with bags asking for candy. Sometimes the parents would have two bags, one for their candy and one for the infant hanging on their hip. That was Waco culture. I'm curious to see what tomorrow night holds in East Austin...


Michelle said...

No, it happens here in Austin too. A friend was telling me about this lady she babysits for and the woman made a horribly racist comment about the trick or treaters in their neighborhood and now everybody just turns out the lights and peeks out from behind their curtains, phone in hand, ready to call the police.
And why? Because she says they are rude the way they ask for more candy and you "can tell they do not live in this neighborhood."


Frank said...

Kids from Ann's neighborhood will be trick or treating at my parents' house today...have been for years. In fact, I've asked my parents to ask the kids if they know Ann.

Really, I think the lady who looks out her window ready to call the cops is not representative, and also should be jailed.

I am going to Ann's house to see what candy I can score!

Anonymous said...

What? Party at Ann's house?

Frank said...

So, the previous comment sounds kind of rude now that I run it through my mind. Since I don't have editing rights, I'll just add to it.

Just in case I've never said it, Ann, I love your house. I love the character of your neighborhood and your great neighbors. I'm proud of how beautiful a home you've made (and make better every day).

I hope you pass out a lot of your vitamin C fortified candy.