Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm awake.

I was awake five hours ago when I was trying to go to sleep. I tossed and turned and must have finally fallen asleep.

But I'm awake now.

In my groggy state of waking and fading in and out of dreams I heard a soft meowing, repetitive. I woke up in a panic: Potter. I remembered wondering where he was when I went to bed and now five hours later, I had yet to be awakened by him. (How did my body know that?) I flew out of bed and began a frantic search hoping he was inside and not out - it was storming when I finally did fall asleep and now it was still drizzling.

Clothes closet: I had hung up my work pants and shut the door. Nope.
Refridgerator when I had grabbed some water before bed. Nope. Strange place to look, but nope.
I considered the cabinets since I've shut cats in them before, but I didn't put away dishes last night.
Spare bedroom: oops.

I'd brought in a plant from what is supposed to be "a cold front" moving in and shut the door to the spare bedroom to keep the cats from nibbling on it.


He raced out and I coddled him apologizing profusely. He ran to the food bowl, to the bedroom, tackled Zorba, ran back to the living room. Everywhere I went, he came flying after me, afraid he was being left somewhere again, I suppose.

And now I can't sleep. Not that shutting your cat in a room is keeping me up at night, but I'm wide awake with that I-haven't-slept=stomach-ache.

And the clock just turned to 5:30. Sheesh.

On anther note, the clock's not the only thing turning. So are the leaves in Austin. Finally. I saw a beautiful red tree two days ago and thought, wow, finally fall. Don't get me wrong, it's not like their are full fall colors or streets that people go walking on just for the fall leaves, but I'd say at the very least Austin is littered with leaves changing colors. If you keep your eyes open, you'll see a handful of beauty here and another patch there. It's nice. Except now my mind thinks it's time for Halloween. My seasons are all off down here.

But it's not Halloween, it's Christmas and with or without the snow, I'll have my first Cantamos Christmas Carroll performance tonight. Advent begins Sunday. Angels Over Austin runs in three weeks. And, I'm driving home to Missouri in less than four.

Can you believe it? I'll be home for Christmas. Me and the two cats, going home again.

I just hope I don't leave Potter behind.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Potter will lock you in the spare bedroom and leave you at home and go to Missouri by himself.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should think about leaving Zorba behind. Andee

Anonymous said...

Andee, don't treat poor little Zorba with such disrespect. Ann just needs to purchase a muzzle for him and Missourians will remain safe.

Anonymous said...

muzzle, shmuzzle. we wear our Zorba scars proud here in Missouri. andee

Ann said...

Zorba is sweet!

Michelle said...

Ummm....whatever you say, Ann.

Anonymous said...

Zorba either needs to be heavily medicated or confined to your room at Christmas. I don't think this is going to go well...Zorba, Potter, Sophie, Izzy, and Emily?? Oh man.

Anonymous said...

Izzy? Do you mean "Penny Lane". How many animals are coming home for Christmas and what are their names? Crazy Carol will be crazier than ever.