Sunday, April 08, 2007

Janie ATE my BRAND NEW PHONE while I was alseep last night. I just stared at it in shock this morning. Now I'm just depressed.

So I can't get your calls peeps. Call me at home if you know the number or look it up in the church directory or call and leave a message on my cell phone which i will check and call you back. But I can only call you back if it's a local number and if you're under the 20th person I've called this month. Of course I bought the house phone line for two purposes: secuity system and internet. I didn't actually get the phone to use it. So my plan is only for less than 20 calls a month. Figures.

Happy Easter mom, dad, amy, emily, grandma, and grandpa. Hope you know my home number. Happy Easter Julie, sorry I can't call you back. I thought about you today too...

The dog ate my phone.

I can't believe it.

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jenA said...

Second, welcome to my world.
Third, I'm so glad I have your address.
Fourth, please tell me you'll be able to get another cool red phone without breaking the bank!