Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ann is...

On facebook, the world's best networker, one's "status" is displayed as such, "Ann is..." and then you may fill in the blank. I like this feature, and moving beyond the "Ann is at home" or "Ann is at work," it's a fun way to communicate what you're thinking, doing, experiencing, etc.

So I thought I'd give the blogworld a taste. Ann is...

...relieved people only have to get tetnus shots once every ten years cause Ann can't even raise her left arm right now.

...thankful for Joe and Benjamin who chopped down a cherry tree in her front yard today. George Washington must've had a hell of a time doing it by himself.

...officially starting her new job as Minister to Young Adults and of Creative Discipleship today even though today is her day off. Startin' off strong!

...missing her sisters and wishing she could see them sooner than later.

...laying in bed with her computer and her cat after an exhausting day of watching boys labor in her yard for the mere price of an El Chilito lunch.

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