Saturday, October 06, 2007

I've Been Lazy. Not Dead.

The Death of Blogs

I'm sorry I've been neglecting you. I write so my friends and relatives can stay connected with what's going on in my life. I used to write long emails telling funny antedotes about my life in Texas after I moved here. When I discovered that not everyone appreciated receiving those emails, I discovered the blog world. Now you get to choose whether or not to stay near even when we are far apart.

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Anonymous said...

when a blog starts with "I'm sorry I've been neglecting you" then someting about the purpose is askew.I thought you wrote this for you're own purposes, varied as they may be. If its morphed into a burden of some kind, then re-think's always fun to know what you're thinking....but geez, don't let it become a burden...who of your readers would want that to happen?