Thursday, September 10, 2009

Moltmann: Session Four

"The war and peace question can be reduced to three options: one change swords into christian swords and be a dragon killer. this is the option of the christian empire. change bombs into christian atomic; leave the swords to the unbelievers and return to the plowshares; change swords into plowshares and the military complex into an ecological complex - a peace making men, change arrows into pots in the kitchens. change two patrons into pens, engage yourself in making peace. Take the swords out of the hands of the violent people. Mankind will not survive with swords, only plowshares. We need communities who anticipate this type of kingdom a peacemaking people."

Nicaragua: live in the slums as a community. "Show them that community can get them out. Escaping Poverty isn't "property" but "community." "Christian church is alive where smaller communities live together church is not formed out of individuals." (What does this mean to a downtown church? - Ann)

A church has two tasks: serve the poor and the sick and the homeless and jobless; prophetic chance to say look at those in the shadows. Without the prophetic the service and vice versa the other is empty. If you visit a sick member of your church in a hospital and this person says pastor how nice you are coming, my family has forgotten me you should turn around and go to the family and say why did you leave that person alone in the hospital! the same is for the church at large. you cannot make this. prophets are called and sometimes against their will. Nelson Mandela, MLK Jr. So let's pray for prophets who can speak in public and convince people"

Are we co-creaters with God or this something we just expect to happen: "We prepare the way for the kingdom and the peace of God. We must anticipate the justice of the Kingdom of God. We thought the kingdom of God was progress: science, technology, hospitals, etc. But this belief collapsed in WW1. Now the belief in progress is returning in the idea of globalization. the abyss is approaching with the destruction of the environment. We have globalization without the globe. The earth has nothing to say and this is dangerous of course. So we need a globalization of social justice and peacemaking. Otherwise the Kingdom would be the Kingdom of men, not of God."

The POWs after WW2 were given a chance for education and life through the YMCA and other camps and in this way they received forgiveness and it changed everything. (What can we learn from this America?! - Ann)

"If given the chance to kill a german dictator or keep the peace of the masses. I would kill the dictator. I told the Mennonites this and they said, 'That's okay'."

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