Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sorry Blog World

If anyone even ever comes here anymore, you can stop now cause this is my last blog :)

Done and done.

Thanks for the good times.

Peace out,


Anonymous said...

i'll miss your writings, Ann! Hope you are well.

deliciousmelissa said...

What the what? Is this a joke?

Meredith said...

aw. sad.

Ann said...

PS... i'm not fishing for compliments or comments or anything by quitting. I'm just done with blogging for awhile. But thanks to those who have told me (on here or in person) that they'll miss me. :) I'll still be writing (hopefully), just posting in my journal, instead of on blogspot (which is maybe where all of this should have been in the first place... at least, that's the way we used to do it...).

Anonymous said...

Sad. But good for you!


Anonymous said...

what about the beresheth messages?