Sunday, December 13, 2009

While Making Your List

Consider this...if all the people who attended church in America bought Just One fair trade item for someone on their list this Christmas, one million families would be lifted out of poverty for one year.

Last year one of the best gifts I received was a computer bag I wanted from Trade as One. It's super cool and in buying it for me, my mom... I mean Santa Claus... empowered people living in poverty to take one more step toward self-sustainability.

Trade as One is fair trade company whose mission is to to bring ethical spending to the church in America. They partner with churches is several different ways introduce fair trade and provide opportunities to buy fair trade. Take a second to check out the TaO website.

Check out the Trade as One Website and happy shopping!

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Samantha Anderson said...

Great post, Ann. Check out the beautiful products these two organizations/businesses provide for those wanting to feel good about the money they spend...and give a give to more than just the recipient.
Love the Suubi beads on this site...have two strands...have the EPOH bag on my wishlist.
Friends of mine started this company, as well as designed the shoe. I have a pair, love them...and the sandals are interchangeable!

And we got Rory sparkly TOMS instead of dress shoes from Target this year for her winter concert outfit. She is very aware that when we bought hers, another little kid was also given a pair of shoes.