Thursday, March 03, 2011

Don't Cry For Me Austin, Texas!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago in a blog post, I'm playing Eva Peron in Evita at a local theater in a suburb of Austin. I'm loving it, and have a few more fun pictures and videos to share to entice those of you in the Austin area to check out the show, and to help those of you too far away to attend (grandma) to abate your curiosity.

Here is Michael Meig's of Austin Live Theater's review of our show. He writes, "The voices are superb, the leads are very well cast both for appearance and for presence, and as usual the Palace fills the stage up with action, spectacle and dance." Additionally, he came to our preview night and took this video footage:

On local radio station KOOP 91.7, Evita's director, Cliff Butler, and I were interviewed by Off Stage and On the Air, and I sang "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina". You can access us via their facebook site or we're "Act IV, Scene 94" on their blog. You can listen to the interview and song here (we come on the air a little over half-way through the show).

Local Georgetown paper gave us *5 Poppies* (welcome to small town, texas) for our performance and while you can't read their review online (again, welcome...), here's some pics someone posted of the paper's review...

And finally, here's some of my favorite pics taken during our preview night by Rodnesha Green at INspired Photos.

So check out the show at The Georgetown Palace Theater... only three more weekends!


Naomi said...

You're awesome.

lynnette said...

"Ms. Pittman is near perfect in her handling of it." :)