Monday, August 29, 2011

Elderly Protesting

I'm kind of obsessed with elderly (or at least old-er people) who protest.

I admit, I google image them.

But look at these people?! Don't you just want to be their friend?

Cause I do.


M Acuff said...

# of NEW sex partners per year?...100?
GAY= Got AIDS Yet?
I didn't give you AIDS, but I would if it would cause you to REPENT of your sin!

Ann said...

Dear M Acuff, First of all, I don't know when you last were educated on the epidemic of AIDS in the world, but what you learned in the 80s about AIDS being a Gay disease we now know is not true. As a doctor of medicine, you should update yourself. Yes, HIV is spread through anal sex, but it is also spread through vaginal sex as well as through needle use and blood transfusions. The number one "people group" affected by AIDS is poor people (not gay people). The number two group? Black people. So before you start judging people (oops, too late), get your facts straight. Secondly, Jesus never even mentions homosexuality in any of the four Gospels. Not once. But Jesus does discuss judging others frequently (other big topics of Jesus' include providing for the poor, marginalized, sick and oppressed, money, and the Pharisees' hypocrisy) so perhaps you should rethink who needs to be repenting... or at least spend more time aligning your own heart with God's will instead of wasting so much energy and expending so much hate worrying about everyone else's...

Ann said...

Thirdly, two of my close friends are gay. One, (a woman) has been with her partner for seven years, the other (a man) was with his partner for 10 years. During those 10 years I almost got married twice and had seven boyfriends (and numerous people I dated). So who in this scenario would you say is more "promiscuous"? The gay may who had one boyfriend, or me who had seven? The stereotypes you use to describe people are atrocious. 100 partners a year? Really? Do you even know any gay people? Sheesh.

Ann said...

Fourthly, you would GIVE someone a deadly disease just to manipulate them into confessing their "sin" to God? That is horrible. And completely anthitical to Christ's teachings.