Thursday, May 03, 2012

Zach's Hard Hat Tour: ALT Article

Last month I received an email from Michael Meigs, local theater critic and primary author of Austin Live Theatre asking me if I would like to attend one of Zachary Scott Theater's Hard-Hat Tours.  The tour would be of the new theater being built to the east of Zach Scott's current two stages, at the corner of Riverside and Lamar.  The construction site will eventually give way to Austin's new Topfer Theater
Occasionally I write for other blogs, and Michael wanted a written tour of the new space as told by an  actor (as opposed to a critic, patron, fanatic, or occasional theater-goer).  Of course, I oblidged!  If you'd like to read the article at Austin Live Theater, you can find it here: Zach's Hard-Hat Tour: An Actor's Perspective. Enjoy!


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