Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I attended the Baptist General Convention of Texas conference briefly yesterday and Rockhurst's Women in Leadership conference today. I am conferenced out.

But I saw old friends at the BGCT, and that was good. I hadn't been back to the convention center since Katrina and Rita, so that was a little weird, but everything looked so different, I quickly forgot about it.

We often do.

Kyle's funeral brought old friends together again.

So did the Baptists.

Jeremy Everett, Chris Thacker, Jamie and Sean Allen, Carmen and Aaron Conaway, Chris Jones, Velma Porez. Old school Truett. Well, not Velma, she's covenant group Truett. But the others: old school. I miss them. They were a challenge and I was a spark. Then the tide went out, they moved on, and we got a new dean.

No comment.

So I stayed out until 2:30 am last night with them cause we just couldn't seem to pull away and make the night end. Unfortunately, I had to be at church at 8:30 to meet the painter who didn't show up until 9:30. That was not a sufficient amount of sleep. But the woman's conference today was interesting and I was reminded of good leadership skills, how to handle conflict and managing stress. And that reminds me of Professor Treadwell.

Speaking of remembering, I also saw a friend from High School, Erin Moore this weekend who drove in with her boyfriend to see the KU/UT game. It was like old times, and I was refreshed by her voice, her laugh, her facial expressions. We caught up on all the old crew. Who has how many children. Who's still single. Who's still in Missouri. Who's going to plan our 10 year reunion since Rick never will...

I'm only 27 but I feel already as if I have lived forever. And I'm already forgetting it all. I want to remember the smiles, the books, the challenges, the ambition, the love, the sermons, the travelling, the parties, the papers, the thoughts, the spirit of everything: high school, Jewell, Truett, Waco, UBC.

I don't want to forget anymore. God help me to remember.

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