Monday, January 02, 2006


Two Thousand Six, I am ready for you! 2005 is no more, and I am ready for what this next year holds.

I drove back from Missouri Friday and Saturday and arrived in Austin just in time to party with my roommate and some friends at our place New Year's Eve.

Pictured is my roomie, Mel, our friend Brandon, his roommate Leigh and of course me.

Missouri, we had too much fun and I'll write more later. Austin, it's good to be home and I'm ready for fresh new times to come. Peace out 2005. It's been real.


Anonymous said...

ann let me know that she hates it when people don't leave comments. she runs on feedback, like the robots of the future. so I'm overdue for a comment- here goes: woo hoo! 2006! party on, ann! xox, andee

Ann said...