Thursday, January 26, 2006

So I didn't get the house.


I mean, I could of, but when a professional inspector looks at you apologetically and confesses, "I wouldn't buy it..." you know you're in trouble.


I should have known. Apparently my dream house is not my dream house. It had siding that is sketchy and has been covered over with a "big band aid" and a foundation that is unstable and unaccessible (and thus illegal). So my "maybe house" is now my "no-way-in-hell" and "damn-i-just-lost-$415-but-its-better-than-losing-more-later-house."


Not only that, but the real estate person lied to me and my real estate agent. They told us the gas was turned on. The inspector said there isn't even a gas meter.


So, that's the scoop. Don't worry though. I didn't cry. I'm not even sad. I just sort of shook my head and wrote the check. So I guess I'm off to househunt again. Hmm. If that was the nicest house I looked at, are they all going to come up this shoddy? How can a $110,000 house not pass inspection?

Because in Austin buying a house for 110 is like buying a house for $20,000 anywhere else in the world. Okay, maybe not in LA. What if house buying isn't for me? How can I afford anything more expensive? How can I afford anything sketchier? Maybe I should wait for that rich man that I'm going to marry before I buy.

Maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up.


dctoo said...

Hi Ann,
I just found your blog off a link from another. I look forward to reading and learning from you on your journey...

Best to you and your house endeavors...

dctoo said...

And I would add that I'm sorry your recent housebuying efforts have been rough. Keep your chin up!

lynnette said...

well that sucks. i'm sorry. maybe something else will turn up.

jenA said...

three letters, peach.
ps. stay away from BuyOwner

Anonymous said...

I know if I wait around to find a man to find non-shoddy house at an affordable price, I'll be waiting a long time! Best of luck with the journey ... and possibly the man too! :)