Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My bible and journal are missing.

I might be having a heart attack.

I had them both Sunday at church. Retrace steps...I went to lunch. Went home to nap. Went back to church for choir. Went home. Met Shanna. Went to DCB concert. Came home. Tried to pack for conference Monday, realized bible and journal were gone. Lamented my mistake of leaving it at church. Went to bed.

Drove to Conference. More on that later.

Returned home. Read commentaries. Went to church to get bible and journal. Not in office. With eyes wide, went to Bible study and taught on Judges 1:1-3:6. Drove home. Searched car, bedroom, rest of house.

Enter heart attack.

Or at least panic attack.

I think I took them to my car with the intention to bring them home to pack for the conference after choir. But somehow they are nowhere to be found.

Must write lecture for tomorrow night. No bible. Must write about life. No journal. These are panic inducing inconveniences.

My journal falling into the wrong hands though? That's heart attack.

Oh geez.

Don't panic.

Don't have heart attack.

Start sermon.

Finish it tomorrow at work where there are plenty of bibles.

Pray to God, beseech the Holy Spirit, plead with Mary, appeal to the baby Jesus, take your medicine.

They'll be found...right? And no one who finds a journal on top of the holy scriptures would actually read the journal, right? Let alone toss the bible and keep the journal, right? Right?

I'm in trouble.

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Ann said...

panic and heart attack averted. bible and journal found, unread, squished between my bed and dresser. thank god, h.s., mary, baby jesus...and my roomies for listening to me flip out.