Thursday, April 27, 2006

Holy cow.

I know I haven't written in ages.

I'm sure dad's about to send out that "It's been 10 days Ann, you know we read your blog..." email.

And I've actually started several posts.

One was about global warming and how ridiculous our government is. But it didn't save for some reason.

Another one about this huge ugly bug I killed and about how grown up I was that I killed it (albeit after 10 minutes of deliberation) without Wes, Lance or Big Phil to rescue me (one of the few downfalls of living in Austin is being away from my best landlord and best friends). But the computer plug pulled out and since this computer is 6 years old, it doesn't run on battery anymore. So I lost that one too.

So you had some really great posts coming at you, but they didn't take.

Here's was has...

I'll be a homeowner officially as of probably 1:30pm Central time tomorrow, Thursday, April 27th. We're doing a final walk-thru at 12:15 and the closing at 1pm.

I told a friend I feel like I'm giving birth. I've never been this excited in this way before (and since I'll never probably give birth it's good I have this feeling).

I'm sorry I'm describing it so inarticulately, but how do you describe something that feels like roots for the first time since you left your parents house 10 years ago? How do you describe your feet sinking down, snuggling into the sand while your heart flies up and up way into the air like a kite and its so strong you might not be able to pull it back in.

Tomorrow, after I sign what I hear will be the most papers I'll ever sign in my whole life, Michelle and I will christen the house with a bottle of wine and then I will roll around all over the new carpet.

Because it's mine and I'm marking my territory.

Also because it's clean and new, and again, mine.

And so I can do whatever I want.

And don't think I haven't planned it all. Most of my place on Northridge is packed up, the boxes not only labelled for content but for destination. Each box has a room name one it: bedroom 2, reading room, kitchen, so that it's carrier may know which room to put it in when he arrives with a carload at the new house. And as if that weren't anal enough, I've made signs to post on the room doors: Bedroom one, Living Room, etc. And the things that should be delivered into that room, just in case the label already on the box isn't clear. Come on now. I see those eye rolls. A little organization never hurt anybody.

Actually I think it will make for a very smooth adjustion and unpacking process.

We'll start on Friday since I work well into the evenings on Thursday night. I have five friends (plus myself) and two trucks and I've made a list of all the large items that need to be moved over via the trucks first. Then as people start getting off work, I have about 10 more friends joining me in grabbing boxes from Northridge, stuffing them in their cars, and heading approximately 3.5 miles southeast to the new house.

Then together we will eat pizza and drink beer and revel in my new home. We will marvel at my ability to commit to something. And we will toast to my future in my new house with my sort-of-new-job with my new and old friends in Austin. FBC and Mosaic collide. Waco and Austin collide. And all are toasted.

And we might toast to God too if by that time anyone remembers Her. Oops...

I mean Him.

But you know I don't. I called this a birthing process and it has been. God has opened Her womb and released me into a world I didn't ask to experience. But here I am and after a little nurturing and nudging by no one I can describe as but God, I am here.

And I AM is with me. She has birthed me, breathed in me and pushed me out of the nest.

And now it's time to make my own and open it up to others.

Here I go...


Anonymous said...

you little feminist!

myleswerntz said...

wonderful! congrats!

Anonymous said...

i am thrilled for you and wish that i could be there to help you unpack. We will celebrate with a glass of wine in your honor.
joy and peter.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, good job on the rebirth and box lableling, but you, my friend, deserve BIG props for killing that bug. I've been there, man, it's no joke. Andee

Michelle said...

Ann-i-poo, I love you.

lynnette said...

congratulations ann!!! i'm actually sorry i can't be there to help you move. i will toast to your new home from afar.

jenA said...

you're funny. can I spend the night in Bedroom 2 on May 27? I've got a wedding in Wimberly and don't feel like getting a hotel room in San Marcos.

Kendra said...

wooHOO HOMEOWNER!!! YOu're such a grown up.

cat said...

my little ann...i'm so proud of you. wish i could be there to help out, and yes i did roll my eyes...but you know it's only because oh how opposite that system of organization is from my approach to life. i will drink one in your honor and in honor your grown up ways from the ya girl!

celina said...

i am so excited for you, ann. i wish i could be with you when you settle in. maybe i can visit sometime and relive the moment with you.

as for graduation - august is what i was hoping for.

Anonymous said...

oh happy happy day! congratulations, homeowner pants! i can't wait to come over and visit.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't been around to comment in awhile ... CONGRATULATIONS on your new home! And think ... all without a man! :p A modern day "virgin birth!"

Melanie said...

Congratulations, Ann! I'll be home from Mexico in a little over a week to help you celebrate!

Anonymous said...