Friday, May 26, 2006

Amy leaves tomorrow morning. I can't believe it. We've had the best week together though. Today at lunch we reminisced about everything we did this week from lunches to housework to funny one-liners. What a great week. I'm sure I'll give you more tomorrow when I'm sad and she's gone.

But no time for that cause tomorrow I pack for Outbound, a trip with the youth at church to Colorado... rafting rivers, climbing mountains and repelling off cliffs. Then I'm back for a day and a half and then am off to the hill country to perform my first wedding ever. I'm not the wedding singer, I'm not the bridesmaid, I'm the minister. Whoa.

And then my parents arrive and will be here for a week. So no time for tears, only time for hope for the next time.


cat said...

i can't believe you're coming to my state, but you won't be coming to see me...:(. have fun though. your trip sounds like a blast.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sanders, we had a great old time, didn't we? Is there supposed to be water in there?