Wednesday, May 17, 2006

In my job, I've met and heard the Rev. Jesse Jackson preach (no comment on his personal life, but his preaching is fabulous), I've almost met Bill Clinton, I prayed before the Texas state senate, and now I'm going to get to meet and hear speak Marcus Borg, Joan Chittister and John Dominic Crossan.

And another heart attack is in order.

I'm blogging because I'm at work, trying to write what I'm going to say at Midweek Moorings tonight, but honestly I'm unable to focus what with all the hustle, bustle and excitement around the office.

There are volunteers everywhere, stuffing packets, setting up the bookstore, picking up world renowned scholars...

I can't focus.

I was doing really well and then it hit me.

So I'm blogging to take my mind off my work...


or rather to get my mind back on work.

Yeah, that's what I'm doing. I'm getting my mind back on work by blurting out all my excitement to you, my blogworld friends.

We will receive a lot of criticism for hosting this (we already have), but this is so exciting. We are a cathedral church in that we allow all the colors in and allow them to shine and fade blend and transform us.

We don't have to agree to get along. We don't have to agree to do church together. And we certainly don't have to agree if all we need to do is join hands and extend them together.

Individual thought amidst living community.

It's a paradox.

And I'm excited about it.

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