Monday, July 24, 2006

Was ordained Sunday the 16th. Preached Thursday and Sunday the 23rd. Really need a nap. Finally came off the high on Saturday and have wanted to sleep for the past two days.

But I leave tomorrow for children's camp, my least favorite part of ministry. Don't tell them. It's just so draining and I'm going in empty...

On a lighter note (for you), I managed to burn my finger on the iron while ironing a shirt to get my picture taken for the church directory which of course turned out hideous due to the laws of nature and church photos. My first official photo as a singleton: also a bonus to the week. The burn did blister, but it doesn't hurt too bad. So I guess that's a plus.

And I mowed my yard again for the second time but only after I got into a fight with the lawnmower. I discovered it just wanted to be cleaned and so I sprayed it with a hose and that seemed to make it happy and want to work again. Another plus. Course by that time (three attempts later) it was midday and hotter than hell. My face got all splotchy like it used to when I used to try and run. Horrible idea. It took my face an hour and a cold shower before it finally turned its usual shade of pale nothingness.

Speaking of the heat, I also managed to overheat my car. It turns out that you're supposed to pour anti-freeze/coolant into the car every year, but of course no one told me that so when I arrived home friday evening, my thermometer was pointing above the H and when I got out of the car I could hear things boiling under the hood. The next day (after the fight with the lawnmower), KC put a whole bottle of anti-freeze in the radiator and then another gallon of water before it filled up. I guess it was really dry. He was shocked. I was grateful.

What a week. Did I mention that the reverend needs a nap?

Maybe I'll get one in next week.


Anonymous said...

church directory pictures fall under the same rule as driver's license photos, so don't worry about it-- there's nothing to be done. p.s. thanks for the card. :)

jenA said...

whoever changes your oil every 3 mos/3,500 miles should also be checking other fluid levels and topping them off as needed:
coolant, brake fluid, washer fluid, etc.
If they aren't, go somewhere else.
If one of your friends is doing the oil change, have them check it.
Otherwise, you should have your pretty little ordained head under that hood every week to check things yourself.
Diligence is a used car's only warranty.

Anonymous said...


It was exciting to read of your ordination and think back to a few milestones -- listening to you preach when we visited Lynnette at UBC, wanting you graduate from Truett, words at Lynnette's wedding, fun at Shann's wedding. I remember the humbling feeling of being ordained a deacon which will forever be a spiritual milestone in my own life. We were glad Lynnette could be at your special event. Remember to celebrate all of life -- even the need for naps, lawnmowing, etc. You are richly blessed and we love you.

Sarah Ogle

Drive-Thru said...

What the children are not telling you is that you are their least favorit part of camp!

Love ya,