Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Drove to Children's Camp outside of Dallas. Flew from DFW to Kansas City. Psyched myself up for High School reunion...recovered from High School reunion. Here are some pics Kristen (who won most changed aka "really got hot") sent me. She and I also attended Jewell together for those of you who don't know. If you've got more pics, send em - I didn't have a camera there!

Kara, Summer and I tore it up on the dance floor. Later, Sue Ellen and Heather and others joined in. Hey, we were'nt pregnant - you gotta at least celebrate that!
Ann, Ryan, Ken and Summer
Moxi, Ann and Summer


Anonymous said...

awesome!!! i know this is dorkalicious, but i can't wait for mine next summer. it's gonna be so cray.

jenA said...

sweet. looks like you had fun! I wish - no, I'm glad, actually, that my hs reunion won't be worth going to. No memories I care to revisit.