Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Day Five: Breakfast/Lunch was scheduled for the Eastern Market where the pancakes come with city-wide recognition. There are tons of shops there too of course and a veggie/fruit market. Chris and Michelle would have been in heaven. After my tour of this more indiginous DC attraction, Stephen and I headed to Baltimore where we would spend the afternoon and evening.

We arrived at the inner harbor and walked around looking at the ships and memorials. I was reminded of when Daria and I sailed with our professor while studying in France. Scary! This was great though. While we waited for our entry time at the aquarium, we found a little pub to kill time. At the Ram's Head, we struck up a conversation with a guy at the bar who turned out to be from Missouri, had not only heard of St Jo Mo, but then proceeded to ask me if I'd ever heard of Barbosa's! I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Or maybe Baltimore. Small world anyway. Barbosa's is only my favorite restaurant in Missouri and maybe in the whole United States, not to mention the world. He also asked me if I was familiar with the Noyes Home which of course brought up memories of grade school and birthday parties. The Noyes Home children all went to Noyes Elementary and I grew up with many of them as their home was only two blocks from my house. It was kind of surreal.

With time ticking, we left Ram's Head and headed to the Aquarium where we saw more turtles, frogs, sharks, dolphins, sea horses and nemo. It was pretty cool but super crowded. I can't even tell you how many times I got elbowed or pushed away from the glass. I tried not to let the mob of people put off my experience at the fish haven, but I have to admit I was ready for a drink after that sea of people.

For dinner, we rode the water taxi over to Fell's Point, a cool inner harbor decorated with shops, cobblestone streets and fabulous restaurants. Based on a fellow taxi-er's recommendation, we ate at John Steven's Limited where we ordered crab cakes and mahi mahi. Delicious. Holy cow. Yum. I'm at a loss for words.

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